Friday, September 20, 2013

Rachel Hauck's "Once Upon a Prince"

Don't you just love to discover new authors who can weave a tale that touches those deep places in your soul?  Some authors are very skilled, and others are wading the waters as they learn how to best ply their trade.  I'll read all levels, most genres, and varying lengths from novellas, through series which I hope never end, but sadly do.

Well, let me tell you.  I scored a free book by a newly discovered author, Rachel Hauck, entitled, Once Upon a Prince.  (Although I was given this book by the author, she no request of doing a review.)  It seemed like a perfect summer book, you know the kind, something not too deep, maybe a little superficial, spot on for a beach read.  Yes, I really did enjoy this book, although I NEVER made it to the beach.  such a shame, as this summer in Massachusetts has been fab!  But I digress...

Rachel weaves a modern-day fairy tale of Cinderella that is relatable, while still tickling those fanciful imaginations of the little girl in us, the one who still dreams of life as a princess.  Hey, until I die, it could still happen.  Maybe my husband's genealogy will suddenly be revealed to be that of royalty, and we will be whisked away to another country to fulfill our royal obligations.  Stop laughing!  You may kiss my ring now...

So, this cute work of fiction begins with a character, Susanna, who is a determined, hard-working lady.  Not one born with that proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, she comes from a family of strong characters.  (This lends itself to a sequel, as well.)  I could sympathize with her struggles, and follow her irrational logic as she wonders what God is doing in her life.  She made me laugh, she made me tear up, and I found myself holding my breath at points where my emotions were engaged and making me feel like I was a fly on the wall of her life.  What would I do, how would I react, are we really so different?  If something like this could happen to her, could it happen to me?  To my husband, my child?  If God works wondrously on behalf of her, a mere fictional character, what is the deeper truth of Him being vested in my well-being?

Sure, the story is simple and sweet, and I appreciate that.  However, it was also highlighting an important spiritual truth for us.  In order to really live life, we have to stop trying to steer us where we think we should go.  God's plans are usually not the same as ours, and that's a GOOD thing, believe it or not.  We have a tendency to think we know what's best for us (and others) and so we put our hand to the plow and work to see it happen, fully expecting to receive the praise from others as they congratulate us on all of our success.  But is it true success?  Maybe as the world judges us, but that's not who we will all stand before, one soon approaching day.

It's so much better to let go of our life, and yes, "let God". 

Matt 6:26 "For what will it profit a (woman) if (she) gains the whole world and forfeits (her) soul?"

Until next time, thanks for reading!  Do check out Rachel's new book, Once Upon a Prince.