Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Luster Premium White

Today begins a new trial for Luster Premium tooth whitening system.  Who wouldn't like their yellowish hues to be magically transformed into twinkling ivories?  I'll post a blurry pic of my untreated chompers, and then periodic updates along the way.  Please forgive the very poor quality of the photo.  It's taken with an old digital camera in less than ideal lighting.  My nose is not really that large...right???

(starting picture)

This morning, I did the initial treatment, which is as follows:
1. Brush with my normal toothpaste.
2. Measure out 1 tbsp. of activating mouthwash.  (It would be better if the product came with a measuring cup/cap on the bottle so I didn't have to run downstairs to get my own spoon.)
3. Swish the mouthwash around for 10 secs, paying special attention to my front teeth (top & bottom).  At least it didn't taste funky!
4. Apply gel like fingernail polish onto front 6 teeth (top & bottom).  Be careful not to let your lips touch the wet gel for 30 secs.  If you get it on your gums, it will tingle.  This didn't bother me, but others have reported being sensitive to it.  You are going to be a drool machine and look like a freak as you tug at your lips to prevent them from touching any gel during this step, so don't let anyone in the bathroom with you that also has a camera phone...just saying.
5. After waiting for a full 10 mins, you can start over at step #2, but I'm going to do a slower pace and treat only in the mornings. 
6. Snap a picture.  Oh, I figured out that by stretching your lips out as far as you can, in order to bare your teeth for a photo shoot, it makes your nostrils flare.  Phew, that explains it, so now I can go back into my dream world where at least my nose is not disproportionate to my face!  See you tomorrow!

(after first treatment)