Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scott Extra Soft TP

Today, I want to take you on a quick trip inside our lav.  We all have them, and we all like our private time in them.  We have our products and routines, and we can be stubborn to change them. 
Let me introduce you to one of my pet peeves.  TP.  Yep, those fantastic little squares of paper that we depend heavily upon in the 21st century.  Out with the leaves, in with the ivory swipes!  However, not all TP is created equal.  We have tried many brands in our household over the years, and it hit me today.  I LOVE the brand we are using.  No sheer layer to poke your finger through, no clumps of paper residue left behind, no large amounts of dust wafting through the air as you separate the squares, no rough surfaces to irritate delicate get the picture.

To make a short story long, for the past month or so, every time I've replaced a roll on the holder, I've said to myself, "Self, where did you buy this huge multi-pack, and what brand is it?  I like it!"  To which I replied, "Why are you asking ME?"

Well, this morning as I was preparing our guest bath for company this evening, I opened the closet to fetch some back-up rolls and I saw a box that contained a single roll that I had gotten a few weeks ago as a free sample.  "Great!", I said, as I quickly opened the box and got ready to load it onto the holder...Wait a cotton-pickin' minute!  That's the same soft, quilted pattern that I have been trying to ID for the past month.  It can't be.  I quickly grabbed the current roll and sample roll to compare them up close (well, not too up close, as my eyes are getting a bit strained in my mid-forties).  Viola, a perfect match and mystery solved. 
This is my brand for as long as they make it, or until a big box store makes them reduce their quality so as to be more price competitive with brands currently made from sandpaper pulp down in the jungles of who knows where!  It currently has a very soft texture, yet is very absorbent and strong.  I haven't noticed any big dust issues, nor straggler pieces left behind.  Give it a try the next time you need to restock your water closet.  :-)

 I can rest at ease, now.  As you were.