Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee, "Fair Trade Certified" Three Continent Blend

This morning found me trying a new k-cup product from Green Mountain Coffee, "Fair Trade Certified" Three Continent Blend.  I got this sample free as part of a BzzAgent campaign.  It's currently running under a celebrity endorsement by Kelly Clarkson, and her pitch videos are available here:

What is Free Trade Certified all about?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  Its premise is about certifying that the coffee product you purchase is being derived from the best possible conditions, starting with a farmer who is part of a democratically-run cooperative, without the use of child labor, to the use/no use of certain herbicides/pesticides, straight to the exporter who is paid a fair price.  No more wondering about how many child labor laws might have been broken in the picking of your coffee beans.  This is the best part for me.

My preference has always been with Green Mountain k-cups, so I had high expectations for this newest version.  I certainly was not disappointed.  The Three Continent Blend is super smooth and delicious, just like its predecessors.  Now, drinking their coffee not only tastes good, it feels good, too.