Friday, October 18, 2013

Cottonelle flushable cleaning cloths

It's time for another go-round in the lav!

This time, I scored a free sample of Cottonelle's flushable cleansing cloths.  Not just a sample of a couple of wipes, but a whole dispenser's worth, the dispenser itself, plus two packets to hand out to my buds along with coupons - thank you, Cottonelle, and Crowdtap!

The report?  Well, initially, I was leery of using wet wipes on my backside.  "It'll make me feel wet when I'm done." "It'll leave a tacky residue." "I'll smell like a baby." "It'll be too cold."  They were all handy excuses to never try wipes, even though I have family and friends who swear by them.  I resisted, until the free samples made their way into my mailbox.

I finally broke down and tried these wipes.  Nice!  Cold?  Maybe just a tad.  How do they smell?  Mild, and it doesn't linger.  Did I feel wet? For about 5 seconds.  How about tacky?  Nope.  Will I keep using them?  I expect so.  Every "stinking time"?  Probably not, but only because I am usually rushing to get back "out there".  I am confident that I will eventually establish a new bathroom routine than allows me to slow down and do double-duty (no pun intended).

Back to the grind...