Saturday, October 26, 2013

You've got to Sauté Express yourself!

Ever been the victim of dinner time rigor mortis?

"What's for dinner?"  I hate hearing it.  Yes, it gets old.  WAY old! 

"I don't know.  Where are you bringing me???" 

Heading to the restaurant may delay the inevitable, maybe for another full 24 hours, but I know it's only a stop-gap fix.  Something must be done to rid housewives of this wretched schedule!  But alas...

Let me tell you, though.  Tonight, I tried a new product by Land O' Lakes called Sauté Express sauce starters.  I had received free samples for being a BzzAgent (#GotItFree) and I was able to select Garlic & Herb for my first flavor.  I decided to try it tonight for dinner, since I had defrosted some salmon.

I love simple meal prep, and this totally qualifies.  Each box of Sauté Express includes 6 rectangular sections of compressed sauce.  Drop one (or two, depending on the portions you're making) into a sauté pan.  Let it melt and get all hot-n-bubbly.  Drop in the salmon (or whatever) and have at it!  Cook as normal.  Drool like you're in a restaurant and don't have to do the dishes!  Or even tip!

I served my salmon with some of my fall favorites.  Fresh steamed asparagus and roasted acorn squash with butter and brown sugar.  OMW!  I made that up.  It stands for "Oh my WOW!!"  Maybe it was the sauce packets, maybe it came down to the veggies, possibly the bubbly (sparkling apple cider), no, it must've been the company with my husband.  Whatever, it was all part of a winning combination.  I am really looking forward to trying the next flav in my fridge - teriyaki.  I'm thinking beef.  Any guinea pigs nearby?