Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beyond These Hills - Sandra Robbins

I received a free copy of Sandra Robbins' work, Beyond These Hills.

 It was my first exposure to Sandra's writings. Although I did find it to move along a bit slowly, especially during the first half, I found the story much more enjoyable by mid-way. I enjoyed the weaving of Scripture throughout, without being too heavy-handed. I thought the characters were lively and likeable. The plot was a bit simple, but spiced up a bit with the forest fire scenario. All in all, I would read another of Sandra's writings before deciding on whether to follow her more extensive collection.

I will be passing it along to a young lady in my junior high group I lead, as it does seem a bit more fitting for the coming-of-age women who are learning to wait on the Lord to bring all that He desires for them.