Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sinful Colors nail polish

Today must be catch up for me, as I'm recalling various products I've been sampling lately.

Are you a nail painter?  For me, I prefer to get my nails done at the salon with shellac, but I haven't been doing this for over a year, since we moved back to MA.  Growing up, I loved to paint my nails, but became weary of waiting through indeterminable drying times.  I eventually fell out of the practice because of that, coupled with how easily the polish would start chipping. 

Well, I received a free sample of Sinful Colors Professional from #PINCHme.  I'm a pink and purple girl, so this color, "ablaze", was sweet for me.  I found the drying times were pretty fast.  I was also pleased to see that washing my hair and prepping food in the kitchen did not cause the polish to chip.  The drawback I have noticed so far is that after a couple of days, the color needs to be refreshed in order to maintain the shine.  No one likes dull nails, right?

I would give this polish a 4.5 out of 5.  I saw it on the Wal-Mart end cap for $1.98, so it's not a bank drainer.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I normally wear my nails a bit longer than this, but after one breaks, you know the routine.  They all get chopped back.  You can see that even with short nails, the polish still looks nice and sassy.  Perfect shade for summer, too.

A Promise Kept by Robin Lee Hatcher

I recently went on a cruise and wanted to bring a new book with me, something light-hearted and uplifting, yet with an interesting plot.  I was happy I chose Robin Lee Hatcher's, "A Promise Kept". 

This was a lovely novel that wove a delightful tale of differing generations within the same family tree.  I enjoyed going on the journeys with Emma and Allison, as they make their ways through life, love, heartbreak and healing.  Always bringing the reader back to focusing on the Lord, Robin does a nice job of crafting a perfect read for any vacation you may have in your upcoming future.  Thank you, Robin.  It was just what was needed to chase away Old Man Winter in New England. :-)